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Elyvate Innovations

Who We Are

We are creators, we are storytellers, we are innovators, and we are so much more. We are a boutique digital agency, and we’re ready to Elyvate your online game.


Elyvate Innovations

What We Do

Branding is our specialty, and social media is our platform. We help small businesses and startups get on the map quickly and effectively while providing personalized service and unmatched communication. Launching in two weeks? We’ve got you. Need ongoing management for years to come? We can do that too. From designing your dream website (at a fraction of the price!), to creating a cutting-edge influencer network, to creating engaging content and more, Elyvate innovates.




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Elyvate innovations

Meet The Manager

Haley has years of experience in the social media field. Over eight years ago she began her journey when she started her first Instagram page, a food account focused on her hand-made recipes. She had no idea what she was doing, but she was determined. After hours of research, trial and error, and loads of hashtags, her page exploded. It grew for years, thanks to her innovative content, influencer work, blogging, and targeting. As she neared the end of her undergraduate education, she knew she wanted to fine-tune her social media skills. She said goodbye to her Instagram and hello to an MBA in Social Media Management and Marketing. She now works to help a wide range of businesses reach their full digital potential.





Elyvate Innovations

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